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Hot in Movietown is an episode of the show.


Black hat and Shaula take their pupils on a school trip to Movietown, in order the study the behavior of positive characters. During their stay, Black hat must pay a lot of attention to his pupils all by himself, since Shaula does not want to help him much, thinking it would be fun to watch. As a result, he ends up being too exhausted to do anything, other than sitting. Not liking what they see, his pupils attempt to make him feel better.

Meanwhile, Haruhi is bored by the fact that nothing has happened in Movietown in the last days. After finding out that there are villains in the town, she uses it as an opportunity.

characters in the episode[]

- Black hat

- Shaula Gorgon

- Haruhi Suzumiya

- Mariko Kurama

- Wrath

- Cozy glow

- Lil' Gideon

- the Rowdyruff boys

- the Delightful children from Down the Lane

- Darla Dimple

- Rudy

- Antonio Perez

- Fink

- Princess Morbucks

- T.K.O.


- Living la vida loca

- 19-2000

- Amerika

- Animal instinct


- The title of the episode is a parody of the tv show Hot in Cleveland.

- The scene where Black hat wakes Shaula up, by using loud music, is a reference to a scene from the movie Back to the future.