How I met your brother is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

The cops are trying to chase off a couple of thieves (Gaito and Karamaru), but with little success. One of the thieves turns out to be Kaito's evil twin brother, Gaito. The entire plot focuses on the relationship between the two brothers and how they have to deal with the circumstances. Eventually Gaito and Karamaru turn out to be trapped in the town, with no chances of escaping, but Kaito decides to help them escape, even if it means helping antagonists.

characters Edit

- Gaito

- Kaito

- Karamaru

- Barbara

- Nick and Earl

- Lucia

- the royal army: Mira Nova, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Crane;

- Hanon and Rina

songs Edit

- If I only knew

- How ya doin'

- I'm so sorry

- Uso

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the sitcom How I met your mother.

- The chase scene in the beginning shares similarities with the chase scene from the Disney animated film Aladdin.

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