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Hugo Oak, also known as Scarlemagne, is a recurring character. He is voiced by Dan Stevens.



characteristics: tall, slender, broad-shouldered, brown fur, scars on his face, flamboyant, sassy, sarcastic, loyal, insecure, proud, stubborn, brave

animated age: 23 toon years

created in: 2020

species: mutant mandrill

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character (formerly negative)

comes from: Kipo and the Age of wonderbeasts

nationality: American

religion: Christian

family: Lio and Song (parents); Kipo (sister); Mandu Oak (pet)


  • He speaks in a slight British accent.
  • He dislikes banjos.
  • His pseudonym Scarlemagne is a mixture of the words "scar" and "charlemagne".
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