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Hunter is a major character and anti-hero. He is voiced by Kelsey Grammer and has a Mid-Atlantic accent.


He is the majordomo of Movietown, despite being one of the very few reformed antagonists living in the said town. His temper and race, quickly made him unfavorite among his employees, and winning the their respect became his current goal.

As secondary storylines, he has a rivalry with the majordomo of Antagonistan, Toffee.

About the character[]

Characteristics: white and black feathers, blue eyes, orange beak, black coat, white shirt, handsome, vain, selfish, strict, narcissistic, wisecracking, stubborn, comedic

created in: 2016

Species: White stork

Profession: Majordomo

Comes from: Storks

Race: Computer-animated

Subrace: Negative character

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

catchphrase: "I would describe it as..."

influence on other toons: Due to his rude and arrogant behaviour, Hunter is not very popular among his employees. Pretty much everyone in town claim that they cannot stand him, but they still listen to him, since he is the majordomo. Hunter has a habit of threating them that he will fire them, if they refuse doing something.


  • queen Tara: Due to being the first toon who actually showed him some kindness, after the abuse he got from other antagonists, Hunter is very loyal to the queen. He sincerely respects her and is always trying to impress her. In time his respect to her turned into romantic feelings.
  • Death the Kid: He and Kid do not like each other very much. He treats the boy as nothing more than a child or a butler and Kid usually responds him with sarcasm. Despite this they do not really hate each other. Deep down, he is envious of Kid, because of his good looks and popularity among other toons, especially women.
  • Toffee: Due to having rivalry with each other Hunter really despises Toffee, and the two have the most on-screen interactions among the majordomos.
  • Fear: Hunter usually treats his assistant with emotional and verbal abuse. Always yelling at him and telling him what to do. Though there are moments when Hunter treats Fear as his only friend and ally, like in Who banished Hunter.
  • Ms. Grunion: They interact only in Who banished Hunter, when Ms. Grunion became the new majordomo of Movietown, forcing Hunter to quit his job as a result. They both display disgust, when they first meet each other. Their mutual dislike remains even after Ms. Grunion loses her job and is replaced by Hunter.

Fun facts:

  • Queen Tara strictly forbid him to be cruel to anybody and that's the reason (at least in other cartoons' minds) why he wants to become close to his employees from time to time.
  • Hunter is a skilled singer.
  • He is the third antagonist, who lives in Movietown. The other two are Kala and Randall.
  • His relationship with Death the Kid is actually inspired by the relationship between the characters Niles and C.C. Babcock from the sitcom The nanny.
  • He shares his actor with Stinky Pete and Rothbart.