Jab they met is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

Tired of watching her best friend being harassed so cruelly by the Gangreen gang, Trina tells Varian to stand up for himself, but he does not seem to share her opinion, by telling her that he must be strong in order to succeed, even if that includes putting up with harassment. Trina, though, is not ready to give up, as she gets her chance for revenge when Snake is humiliated in public, and uses the opportunity to mock him. Varian, on the other hand, does not find the scene satisfying and follows Snake to make sure that sure that he is alright. He finds the green teenager sitting beside a tree and quietly listening to music.

During their conversation, Varian finds out that Snake is very different than what he appears- he is actually a very insecure and shy individual with a weak will. For what seems to be the first time in his life, Snake feels safe in someone else's company and starts wondering if maybe he and Varian can become friends.

characters in the episode Edit

- Varian

- Snake

- Trina

- Crona Gorgon

- Ace, Lil' Arturo, Big Billy and Grubber

- Toffee

- Professor Venomous

- Obake

- Skinner

- Chef

- Momakase

- Ruddiger

- Quirin (mentioned)

songs Edit

- Sanctify

- Problem

- Jenny

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film Jab we met.

- Snake has his first role in an episode focusing on him and is the only Gangreen gang member to do so.

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