Jackie Chan is a secondary character. He is voiced by James Sie.
Jackie Chan

about Edit

characteristics: tall, broad-shouldered, muscular, black hair, black eyes, handsome, intelligent, witty, comedic, rational, gentle, polite, high sense of morality, responsible

real age: 18 real years

species: human

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

occupation: scientist and explorer

comes from: Jackie Chan adventures

nationality: American

religion: Christian

family: Jade (first-cousin-once-removed, though he refers to her as his niece); Uncle (uncle)


  • Jade: Usually he is trying to teach her responsibility, but she often ignores his advice. Despite this the two care about each other.
  • Uncle: His uncle often shows sour attitude towards him, but the two still love each other.


  • He is based on the actor with the same name.
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