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Jailhouse music is an episode of the show.


The rulers of the Cartoon kingdom made the decision to release all the prisoners from the Alakazam jail, in order to give antagonists the freedom they desire, even though this decision aroused a huge controversy among toons. Another antagonist, known as the Horned king declares his decision to become king of the antagonists.

A new set of antagonists, led by Toffee, arrive in El Filmjefo, in front of the rulers, and demand for negative characters to be released.

characters in the episode[]

- Queen Tara

- Queen Elinor

- King Fergus

- The queen of El Filmjefo

- The Horned king

- Toffee

- Professor Venomous

- Obake

- Lord Dominator

- Wildwing Flashblade

- Duke L'Orange

- Ronin

- Levi Ackerman

- Katie Current

- Geronimo Stilton

- Roxanne Ritchi


- Rolling in the deep

- Skyfall

- Bad

- They don't care about us


- The title is a parody of the movie Jailhouse rock.

- While singing Bad, the dance moves, which Dominator and the other villains were doing are similar to the moves from the official music video of the song itself.

- Toffee's interaction with the monarchs is a reference to a scene from The prince of Egypt (the film where Moses, Tzipporah, Miriam, Ramses and Tzipporah's sisters originate from).