James P. Sullivan is a major character. He is voiced by John Goodman.

He is a manager of a factory in Movietown, where he works with his best friend and co-worker Mike Wazowksi. The two characters make their debut in the show in the episode Fantastic racism and where to find it, where another character (Randall) also makes his debut. His episodes mainly center on his friendship with Mike and Randall.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: muscular, big, blue fur with purple spots, blue eyes, handsome, kind, gentle, strong, friendly, loyal, polite, modest, protective, brave, emotional, a bit lazy

Animated age: 28 animated years

created in: 2001

nicknames: Those who know him personally refer to him as "Sulley". He is sometimes called "Jimmy" as well.

species: monster

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: computer-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: Monsters inc; Monsters University

occupation: manager of the factory


  • Mike: He has known Mike ever since the two were created and have been best friends ever since. They share a brother-like relationship and do not keep secrets from each other. Sulley was the one who told Mike that they need to give Randall a chance to redeem himself-Mike's friendship with Sulley was a huge reason why he agreed to do it.
  • Randall: When Randall moved in Movietown, Sulley was the first one who believed that he will find a way to live normally among positive characters. He always manages to see through Randall's grouchy façade and knows that deep down, there lives a shy and insecure guy inside of him, who needs support. Sulley is always ready to help Randall, even when the latter was accused of a crime he never committed, which led to a trial (The good, the bad and the misunderstood).
  • Celia: The two do not interact much with each other, but they seem to be friends.

Fun facts:

  • His name means "supplanter".
  • He very much resembles his actor.
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