Jasper is an antagonist. She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

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About Edit

Characteristics: tall, muscular, broad-shouldered, curvy, baige hair, yellow eyes, beautiful, evil, sadistic, cruel, aggressive, brutal, arrogant, narcisisstic, cynical

Real age: 2 real years

Species: Alien/Gemstone

Profession: Royal guard/Soldier

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Antagonist/Negative character

Comes from: Steven Universe

theme song: Monster


  • Running gag: Due to her muscular and large body, she often gets mistaken for a man.
  • Despite being portrayed as a female in the show the truth, according to the creator Rebecca Sugar, is that the gems in Steven Universe actually do not have a gender. The reason for her portrayal as a female is that according to the show's standarts each character must have a gender.
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