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Jasper is a recurring character, formerly an antagonist. She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

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A soldier in Antagonistan's military and one of the strongest ones. Her sole goal is simply to follow her leader, hence she is completely loyal to both the king and the majordomo.

In the episode Levi and the five weasels, where she is a major antagonist, she forms a temporary rivalry with Levi.


Characteristics: tall, muscular, broad-shouldered, curvy, baige hair, yellow eyes, beautiful, evil, sadistic, cruel, aggressive, brutal, arrogant, cynical, loyal, a "married to the job" type of person, stubborn, proud, violent, prioritizes physical strength

created in: 2015

Species: Gem

Profession: security guard

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: positive/neutral character

Comes from: Steven Universe

theme song: Monster


  • the Horned king: Although they do no interact frequently, Jasper displays a complete devotion to her king. She treats him with respect and follows his orders without hesitation.
  • Toffee: Like other antagonists, Jasper strongly respects, and even admires, the majordomo of Antagonistan, probably even more than the king.
  • Levi: They interact only in Levi and the five weasels. At first, jasper did not see Levi as a decent opponent, until he defeated her in a battle. Refusing to accept defeat, Jasper insisted for the two to fight again, until she wins the said fight. Evidently, after their first battle, the gem started to see him as a highly competent soldier and an actual threat, to the point that she ignored every other opponent (almost refusing to fight the Toon patrol, because she was more interested in defeating Levi).
  • the Toon patrol: She does not interact much with them, but from what it was shown, Jasper despises the Toon patrol, because, like many other antagonists, she views them as traitors.


  • Running gag: Due to her muscular and large body, she often gets mistaken for a man.
  • Despite being portrayed as a female in the show, the truth, according to the creator Rebecca Sugar, is that the gems in Steven Universe actually do not have a gender.