Jay Sherman is a seondary character. He is voiced by Jon Lovitz.

Jay Sherman

about Edit

characteristics: plump, black hair, black eyes, short, cynical, intelligent, easily-annoyed, comedic, kind, friendly, helpful

animated age: 36 toon years

real age: 23 real years

species: human

relations: Marty Sherman (son)

nationality: American

religion: Christian

comes from: The critic

race: traditionally-animated

full name: Jay Prescott Sherman

subrace: positive character


  • Marty: He loves his son and is always trying to do whatever he can for him.
  • Bob and Darryl: They are his best friends and he usually treats them with tolerance and kindness.


  • He seems to be a fan of Village people.
  • He is allergic to shrimps.
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