Jen Masterson is a major character. She is voiced by Megan Fahlenbock.

Jen Masterson

About Edit

characteristics: brown hair, blue eyes, beautiful, kind, friendly, polite, responsible, rational, intelligent, loyal, supportive

Animated age: 16 toon years

Real age: 13 real years

Species: Human

Comes from: 6teen

Nationality: Canadian

Religion: Christian

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character

Relations: Jonesy (stepbrother); Nikki (best friend and roommate)


  • Jonesy: She has a typical sibling relationship with her stepbrother. They often argue for small things, but despite all the fights, they still love each other.
  • Nikki: She is Nikki's roommate and best friend. The two have a strong friendship with each other.

Full name: Jennifer Ann Masterson.

profession: Employee in the sports' centre


  • She is allergic to mushrooms.
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