Jonathan Loughran is a secondary character. He is voiced by Andy Samberg.

Jonathan Loughran

About the character Edit

Characteristics: slender, ginger hair, blue shoes, baige pants, yellow-green-orange shirt, brown eyes, handsome, kind, friendly, optimistic, enthusiastic, goofy, energetic, loud, loving

Animated age: 28 toon years

Real age: 6 real yers

Species: Human

Profession: Works in a comic book store

Race: Computer-animated

Comes from: the Hotel Transylvania franchise

Family: Mavis (wife), Dracula (father-in-law), Dennis (son); Junior (best friend)

Nationality: American


Nicknames: His wife calls him "Johnny".


  • Dracula: Jonathan cares about his father-in-law, despite that he often receives snarking from him.
  • Mavis: He is deeply in love with his wife Mavis and most of the time is quite patient and tolerant towards her. Although, he sometimes lacks the courage to tell her his true opinion.
  • Dennis: He is a pretty loving father towards his son.
  • Junior: The two have been best friends, ever since Junior was created. They enjoy going to the sports' center and to the arcade together.


  • He shares his actor with Junior.
  • He wears contact lenses.
  • His name is a reference to the actor Jonathan Loughran.
  • He is a surprisingly skilled singer.
  • He is a fan of Dave Matthews and LMFAO.
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