Kai is an antagonist. He is voiced by J.K. Simmons.


About the characterEdit

Characteristics: tall, plump, muscular, green eyes, brown hair, gray fur, brown loincloth, brown helmet, evil, comedic, self-confident, cruel, short-tempered, snobby, arrogant, greedy

Animated age: more than 500 years

Real age: 3 real years

Species: cattle

Race: Computer-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Comes from: Kung fu panda 3

Fun facts:

  • His name means "victory".
  • Most of his roles are minor, but he is one of the main antagonists in the episode Kung fu animals, where he shares the role with Shen and Tai Lung.
  • Among his allies, Shen and Tai Lung, Kai is the oldest in animated years, but youngest in real years, and the strongest.

Other names: He is also known as "the Collector".

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