Kitsunezuka Ko'on-no-Kami, also known as Seymor "The Big" Cheese, is a secondary antagonist. He is voiced by Dean Hagopian.


about Edit

characteristics: slender, red eyes, orange fur, handsome, greedy, selfish, narcisisstic, power-hungry, short-tempered, immature, shallow

real age: 28 real years

species: fox

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

comes from: Samurai pizza cats/Kyatto ninden teyandee


  • His nickname Seymour "the Big" Cheese is actually his real name in the English dub of Samurai pizza cats.
  • He has a weird habit of crossdressing.
  • He also has a habit of exploding when angered.
  • His original actor is Sawaki Ikuya.
  • His name contains the Japanese word "kitsune", which means "fox".
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