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Kiyomi Haunterly is a protagonist. She is voiced by Joy Lerner.


About the character[]

Characteristics: Kiyomi has crystal blue skin, and no face because of her expressing emotions through color. Kiyomi also has long, silky purple hair with magenta strips added. She has a small diamond beaded hair band with a small extra keychain on it that is a crystal blue which holds up all her hair into a very high ponytail. Kiyomi also has some bangs that are covering some small parts of her face. She has a chain, navy blue necklace and a dark blue sailor shirt with a Japanese style school girl tie which is the color magenta. Kiyomi has a magenta beaded bracelet on both of her arms. The bracelet has some facial expressions made on it. On Kiyomi’s shirt is some small stripes with light blue and light purple making a “X” pattern. She has a belt made with chains. It’s bright pink with some smiley faces sad faces, and more connected to it to represent how she expresses her emotions. Kiyomi has a skirt that is dark blue/purple-ish, above knee length, and that skirt also has an extra layer that makes her skirt also long and luminous. That extra layer on her skirt which is translucent has some strips and small flowers in a crystal blue color. Kiyomi has some purple ankle socks that go with her black heels. Her black heels have some white/silver metal spikes on it. She also has some dark stripes on her shoes. On the heels of her shoes, are faces.

Animated age: 16 animated years old

Real age: 1 real year old

Fun facts: She shows her emotions and feelings via changing the color of her skin and loves fashion.

Species: Noppera-bō

Relationships- Kiyomi is close with her friend, Spectra Vondergeist. It is also revealed later on that Kiyomi was the one haunting Draculaura, but they became friends too.