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Kriszta Mezga is a major character. In the show she is voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent.

Kriszta Mezga.jpg


characteristics: slender, ginger hair, black eyes, freckles, beautiful, foolish, lazy, sarcastic, easily-distracted, selfish, irresponsible, vain, arrogant

Animated age: 15 toon years

Real age: 48 real years

Species: Human

Nationality: Hungarian

Religion: Christian

race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: positive character

Comes from: The Mezga family

Relations: Geza and Paula (parents), Bloki and Maffia (pets), Aladar (brother)


  • her parents: She does not have a very healthy relationship with her parents, since she does not respect them at all. She never hesitates to mock or sometimes even insult them.
  • Maffia: Of the two family pets, Maffia is the one who she is closer to and she cares a lot about her.
  • Tina: Due to spending much time with Tina, it can be said that she is her best friend, though Kriszta does not seem to respect her very much. Despite this, they still do many things together, such as shopping, sharing gossips and talking about how much they like Kid.
  • Aladar: She does not get along with her brother and is not very close to him. The two always fight and mock each other.


  • She has a crush on Death the Kid.
  • She can play a guitar, but is not a very good musician.