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Kyoya Ootori is a major character. He is voiced by J. Michael Tatum.

Kyoya Otori.jpg


characteristics: slender, black hair, grey eyes, handsome, calm, collected, intelligent, enigmatic, charismatic, loyal, quiet, patient, stoic, ambitious, vengeful, has a habit of keeping secrets, kind of inconsiderate, sneaky, exploitative, hardworking, takes his job seriously

animated age: 17 toon years

real age: 12 real years

species: human

comes from: Ouran high school host club

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

influence on other toons: Due to being the manager of Movietown's only bank, he is pretty well known throughout the town. Many toons recognize him when they see him and they all treat him with respect.

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

catchphrase: "But of course, I have conditions."; "That's a very intriguing notion in its own way."

theme song: Be mine


  • his employees (Darryl, Newton, Wayne, England, Manta, Stanley, Yuki): Most of the time, he is quite tolerant towards them, but he is not above manipulating them. He often gives them orders which make them question his intentions. Despite the snarks and the exploits, deep down, he does care about them and would even defend them when the situation calls for it.
  • Hunter: They do not interact much on-screen, but they seem to treat each other with respect. Hunter admires Kyoya for his work and refers to his manager skills as "talent".

profession: manager of the bank