Kyoya Ootori is a secondary character. He is voiced by J. Michael Tatum.

Kyoya Otori


characteristics: slender, black hair, grey eyes, handsome, calm, collected, intelligent, enigmatic, charismatic, loyal, quiet, patient, stoic, ambitious

animated age: 17 toon years

real age: 12 real years

species: human

comes from: Ouran high school host club

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

catchphrase: "...but of course, I have conditions."


  • his employees (Darryl, Newton, Wayne, England, Manta, Stanley, Yuki): Most of the time, he is quite tolerant towards them, but he is not above manipulating them. He often gives them orders which make them question his intentions.

profession: manager of the bank


  • He shares his English actor with Sebastian, France, Komui and Rei.
  • His original actor is Masaya Matsukaze.
  • Most of the time, he appears as a minor character. His first major role was in the episode The boss' speech.
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