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Levi and the five weasels is an episode of the show.


The antagonists are impressed by Levi's skills and they decided to make him an ally, by turning him into a monster. While Levi is trying to prevent himself from getting caught, he is eventually forced to hide together with the Toon patrol and learning to work with them. The Toon patrol are not very satisfied with the results as well, but in the end both sides learnt to respect each other more.

characters in the episode[]

- Levi

- the Toon patrol

- lord Dominator

- Envy

- Jasper

- King Fergus


- Demolition boys

- I'm the queen

- Monster

- The pink panther

- On hold


- (the confrontation between the positive and the negative characters)

  • king Fergus: "You cannot have the entire Cartoon kingdom all for yourselves."
  • lord Dominator: "Oh, yes, we can! And to prove it, let's fight!"

- (the deal)

  • king Fergus:"If one of my soldiers defeats one of your own, then you all have to retreat."
  • lord Dominator: "But if one of our own defeats your leech, then you will have no other choice, but to surrender."
  • king Fergus: "Okay! We have a deal! Call your strongest soldier!"
  • Dominator: "Jasper!"
  • king Fergus: "Levi!"
  • Jasper: "Bring him to me! I'm gonna eat him whole."

- (the antagonists' reactions to seeing Levi for the first time)

  • Jasper: "What is this?!? Some kind of joke?!? That thing...that thing is not suitable even for an appetizer."
  • Envy: "Where he learnt to fight?!? In the kindergarden?!?"
  • king Fergus: "Shut up! You have no idea who you are insulting!
  • Dominator: "Yes, we do have an idea! The pygmy king! That's who!"

- (the first dialogue between Levi and Jasper):

  • Jasper: "Nevermind. I can beat him."
  • Levi: "I have fought monsters at least 10 times bigger than you, Big guy."
  • Jasper: "I'm a woman."
  • Levi: "Just by mentioning it and my eyes started aching."

- (Levi and the weasels)

  • Smarty: "So, we came here."
  • Levi: "Where are the rest of you?"
  • Smarty: "Where ya do not suspect. (knocks)"
  • Greasy, Wheezy, Psycho and Stupid: "Hello!"

- (another confrontation)

  • Jasper: "You're gonna pay for humiliating me, Haircut."
  • Levi: "Bring it, ms.Man!"


- The entire episode is meant to be a parody of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

- This is Levi's first major role in the show.

- The scene at the beginning, where Levi fights Jasper, is similar to a scene from the movie Troy.

- The scene, where the weasels say "Hello!" from their hiding places is a reference to the sitcom Allo allo.

- Running gag in the episode: Levi being mocked for his hairstyle and height.