Life academy: Citizens in the military is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

Queen Tara sets up a program in which regular citizens can live like soldiers or police officers for a day. The whole point of the program is to show civilians that being a soldier or a cop is very hard.

characters in the episode Edit

- the Oblong family: Bob, Pickles, Milo, Beth, Chip and Biff, Lucky, Scottie

- Roy and Riza

- the Chan family: Jackie, Jade and Uncle

- Allen

- the Bitterman family: Carl, Melinda, Rodney, Megan and Shelby

- Jessie

- Danny and Sawyer

- Anger

- Rainbow dash

- Ms.Koala

- Cassandra

- Caeleno

- Barbara

- Judy

- Hange

- Lavi

- sergeant Calhoun

- Leela

- Cobra queen

- Shendu

- Gorath

songs Edit

- A little less conversation

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film Police academy: Citizens on patrol.

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