Lord Dominator is a recurring antagonist. She is voiced by Noel Wells.

Lord dominator apearence

About the character Edit

Characteristics: Tall, slender, green skin, pink eyes, black outfit, black helmet, yellow gloves, white hair, black shoes, curvy, beautiful, cute, evil, sadistic, cruel, energetic, rude, intelligent, childish, comedic, short-tempered, mischievous

Real age: 2 real years

Religion: Satanist

Nationality: American

Species: Alien

Comes from: Wander over yonder

Fun facts:

  • She calls herself ''lord" so she can mess with other cartoons.
  • She is not a teenager, despite acting like one.
  • She has lava and ice powers that come from her suit.

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Theme song: I'm the queen

Relationships: Lord Dominator is very respected by the king and other villains, but she shows no empathy towards other toons. Civilian toons seem to dislike her strongly.

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