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Lord of the hearts is an episode.


Gimpy is worried that Rose might leave him for Cal if she meets him. His fear seemingly turns into reality, however it was actually Andy whom he caught Rose with. Unaware of what really happened, Gimpy comes to the conclusion that he was betrayed by both of them.

After finding out the truth, he tries to apologize to Rose, only for her to not accept his apology, stating that she feels insulted that he does not trust her. In an attempt to help his friend. Nitz visits Rose in her apartment, asking her to forgive Gimpy. Rose remembers the reason she fell in love with Gimpy in the first place, and she makes the decision to forgive him. After the two get back together, Gimpy apologizes to Andy for doubting him.

characters in the episode[]

- Gimpy Taylor

- Rose Thomas

- Nitz Walsh

- Andy French

- Coop

- Cal

- Miranda Lotto (mentioned)


- The title is a parody of the Lord of the rings film series (and by extension the books the films were based on).