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Lucy is a secondary antagonist. She is voiced by Kira Vincent-Davis.

Elfen Lied Lucy by D jien.jpg

About the character[]

Characteristics: tall, slender, pink long hair, red eyes, pink outfit, beautiful, evil, calm, sadistic, bloodthirsty, ruthless, merciless, stoic

Animated age: 18 years

created in: 2004

Species: Human/Diclonius

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Comes from: Elfen Lied

theme song: Alive

Real name: Kaede

profession: maid

influence on other toons: Due to being a diclonius, she is greatly feared and despised by positive characters, but negative characters show her much admiration. That is the reason why she chosed to live among antagonists.


  • Most of the time she appears as a secondary anatgonist, but she is the main antagonist in the episode Pretty killer.
  • She is among the most frequently seen characters from Elfen Lied.
  • She hates humans, despite being a human herself.
  • Her four vectors (invisible telekenetic arms) are 2 meters long.
  • She is an evil version of Nyu.
  • She may hate humans, but she likes animals, especially dogs.
  • She shares her original actress Sanae Kobayashi with Nyu and Allen.