Mama Kangaroo is a secondary character. She is voiced by Nicole Oliver.

Mama Kangaroo

About the character Edit

Characteristics: yellow fur, black eyes, beautiful, kind, friendly, intelligent, easily-annoyed, helpful, hardworking

Species: Kangaroo

Real age: 18 real years

Profession: Babysitter

Nationality: Spanish

Religion: Christian

Comes from: Toonimals

Race: Traditionally-animated

influence on other toons: Most toons know who she is, since she is a professional babysitter and a lot of women need her services, when it comes to babysitting. She has clients almost every day. These mothers trust her and never complain about her work.


  • Most of her roles are minor, but she is a major character in the episode Werewolf children.


  • Bizzy: Most of the time she treats her assistant with respect and patience. Mama Kangaroo often shows a desire to teach Bizzy to be more sensible.
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