Medusa Gorgon is a major antagonist. She is voiced by Luci Christian.

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About Edit

characteristics: tall, slender, curvy, blonde hair, yellow eyes, beautiful, evil, sadistic, calm, collected, intelligent, bloodthirsty

animated age: over 800 toon years

Real age: 10 real years

Species: Witch

Relations: Crona (daughter), Arachne and Shaula (sisters)

Nationality: Japanese

Profession: Doctor, scientist

Religion: Shinto

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Comes from: Soul eater

nicknames: Among positive characters she is also known as "the most evil witch in the Cartoon kingdom".

theme song: Toxic


  • Crona: Medusa does not care at all about her daughter and treats her more like a weapon rather than a child. She never hesitates to use, manipulate or abuse her.
  • the Horned king: She is very obedient and loyal towards him. She never hesitates to do what he orders, though she does not seem to have a specific opinon about him.
  • Toffee: She has many interactions with him and it seems that she is loyal and obedient towards him. The two can be often seen right next to each other and they act as partners at times. She also feels an attraction to him, similarly to many other women.
  • Arachne and Shaula: She treats her sisters, just like how she treats her entire family- she does not care about them at all.


  • She is named after one of the gorgon sisters from Greek mythology.
  • Her tattoos have magic of their own.
  • Snakes are her theme.
  • She is the second oldest of the Gorgon sisters.
  • She never expresses emotions.
  • She prefers to go barefoot.
  • She shares her English actress with Honey, Mariko, Lenalee, Wrath and Tenma.
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