Mexican godfather is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

When Black hat first arrives in Antagonistan, he is planning to become one of the king's sidekicks. Unfortunately for him, Toffee thinks that a negative character like Black hat, one who knows a lot about how to defeat a positive character, is very suited to become a teacher to the young antagonists. At first, Black hat is very unhappy with that decision, but he soon decides to try.

When he meets his new pupils, he takes a particular interest in Mariko. He uses the fact that she can barely walk as a chance to teach her how to be stronger. Eventually, she becomes his favorite pupil and Black hat himself becomes Mariko's favorite teacher.

characters in the episode Edit

- Black hat

- Mariko Kurama

- Wrath

- Darla Dimple

- The Rowdyruff boys

- The Delightful children from Down the Lane

- "Lil' Gideon

- Rudy

- Antonio Perez

- Shaula Gorgon

- Toffee

- Bellwether

quotes Edit


- Black hat: "You want me to become a babysitter to a bunch of brats?! Me?! Looking after some little beasts?! Why?! You want to make a clown out of me?!"

- Toffee: "No! Right now you are doing it all by yourself"


songs Edit

- Immortals

- Eyes closed

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film Tokyo godfathers, where the characters Hana, Miyuki and Gin originate from.

- The scene where Black hat sings his own version to the song Immortals is an allusion to a scene from the film Mary Poppins returns (the one where Emily Blunt sings Can you imagine that).

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