Mike Wazowski is a major character. He is voiced by Billy Crystal.

A monster who works in a factory in Movietown, along with his best friend James P. Sullivan. Both characters make their debut in the show in the episode Fantastic racism and where to find it, where another character (Randall) also makes his debut. His episodes mainly center around his friendship with Sulley and Randall.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: green skin, short, green eye, handsome, funny, short-tempered, loud, talkative, sometimes clueless, loyal, selfish, vain, clumsy, sassy

Animated age: 27 animated years

created in: 2001

Family: Celia Mae (girlfriend)

Full name: Michael Wazowski

nicknames: Celia calls him "Googley bear".

species: monster

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: computer-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: Monsters Inc; Monsters university


  • Sullivan: He has known Sullivan ever since they were created and they share a brother-like relationship with each other. Sulley often acts as the voice of reason to Mike, as demonstrated in Fantastic racism and where to find it and The comedy gold boys.
  • Randall: At first Mike was skeptical about the idea of giving Randall a chance for redemption, but he eventually found out that there are things that he actually enjoys doing with him, such as coming up with sarcastic comments together and they have even turned it into a game, as revealed in the episode The comedy gold boys. Mike is often a victim of Randall's pranks, but he never gets too mad at him, because they are usually harmless.
  • Celia: Mike has a very loving relationship with Celia. They adore being in each other's company.

Fun facts:

  • His name means "who is like God".
  • In The comedy gold boys, was also revealed that Mike often visits the local comedy club in order to perform on stage.
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