Miranda Lotto is a secondary character. She is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.

Miranda Lotto.jpg

about[edit | edit source]

characteristics: tall, slender, black hair, blue eyes, beautiful, kind, polite, clumsy, gentle, prone to emotions, easily-scared, selfless

animated age: 26 toon years

created in: 2006

species: human

comes from: the D.Gray man franchise

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto


  • Rose: The two have been best friends for a long time. Since they live in the same building, they see each other quite often. Miranda treats her friend with a lot of respect and kindness. She is also very supportive of her romantic relationships, which was seen by her reaction when Gimpy went to apologize to Rose. After seeing that, Miranda considered the possibility of the two having feelings for each other.
  • Rose's baby: She treats her friend's son in a loving and "aunt-like" manner. She often plays with the baby when she visits Rose.

occupation: janitor


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