Movietown is the smallest the Cartoon kingdom and also the location where most of the episodes take place in. It is located in the Grand forest (a fictional forest in Los Angeles).

Ruler Edit

- queen Tara

Locations Edit

- a spa

- a restaurant

- a café

- the royal castle

- a school

- a cinema

- a flower shop

- a boutique

- a fitness club

- a jewel shop

- a library

- a post office

- a laboratory

- a hair salon

- a theater

Captain of the royal army Edit

- Turanga Leela

Majordomo Edit

- Hunter

Knwon celebrities Edit

- Ari Hauntington

- Gorillaz

- Studio killers

- the queen

- princess Merida

- Prozzak

- Miku Hatsune

- Gabby Babblebrock

- Dusty Crophopper

- Turbo

- et cetera

Known sites Edit

- the royal castle

- the Heart of Movietown

- the gallery

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