Ms. Grunion is a minor antagonist. She is voiced by Allison Janney.

Ms. Grunion
She appears in the episode Who banished Hunter as the main antagonist. Her role was disproving Hunter's qualification as a majordomo and replacing him as a result. However, she turns out to be a much worse majordomo, which eventually led to her fall.

After that, she has had minor roles in other episodes, where she appeared as a teacher in Antagonistan.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: plump, black hair, a beauty mark, brown eyes, pink clothes, beautiful, evil, strict, arrogant, sly, dishonest. cruel, abusive, short-tempered, mean, petty, envious, manipulative

created in: 2014

species: human

profession: teacher; majordomo (formerly)

full name: Edwina Grunion

comes from: Mr. Peabody and Sherman

race: computer-animated

subrace: negative character

nationality: American

religion: Christian


  • Hunter: She treated Hunter with great hostile, claiming that she can do a much better job as a majordomo than him (which was proven wrong later). Even after her defeat, Grunion preserved her despise for him. She refused to acknowledge her own mistakes, blaming him instead.
  • Fear: Fear becomes her assistant after Hunter leaves, but her attitude towards the animated emotion was rather cold. While Hunter occasionally treated Fear like a friend, Grunion treated him as someone who does not deserve her sympathy-Fear became a victim of her mental and emotional abuse.


  • She shares her actress with Gladys Sharp.
  • She likes cats and dislikes dogs.
  • Ms. Grunion does not express any sort of resentment towards harassment as a whole, saying it is "normal" and "part of life".
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