Newton is a major character. He is voiced by Brian Posehn. 


characteristics: tall, plump, broad-shouldered, muscular, brown hair, black eyes, handsome, friendly, polite, intelligent, naive, selfless, caring, comedic, calm, collected

animated age: 1 toon years

real age: 7 real years

species: robot

profession: works in a bank

relations: Kimmy (girlfriend); Abe and Freakazoid (best friends)

comes from: Sym-bionic titan

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character


  • He is actually an alternate version of Octus.
  • In his original appearance in Sym-bionic titan, Kimmy was completely unaware of the fact that he is actually a robot, but she is not in here, since "interspecies" relationships are completely acceptable in toon society.
  • He shares his actor with Jim .


  • Kimmy: He has a healthy relationship with Kimmy. He respects her and truly cares about her.
  • Abe and Freakazoid : He respects them and hardly ever argues with them. 
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