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Obake is a major antagonist. He is voiced by Andrew Scott and has a British accent.


He is an inventor in Antagonistan and Trina's father. He can usually be seen right next to professor Venomous.


characteristics: tall, slender, broad-shouldered, black hair, with red stripes, blue eyes, handsome, evil, intelligent, posh, organized, usually calm, low sense of morality caused by a brain damage, arrogant, selfish

created in: 2017

comes from: Big hero 6 (the series)

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

species: human

nationality: American

religion: none

real name: Bob Aken

family: Trina (daughter)

occupation: manager of the laboratory in Antagonistan


  • Professor Venomous: Since they work in the same laboratory, they can often be seen together. They have a stable professional relationship and mutual respect towards each other, although they work in different departments- Obake being in the technology department and Venomous is in the bioengineering department.
  • Trina: Trina is Obake's robotic daughter, but he does not treat her any differently. Trina is mostly obedient towards him, she follows his orders without hesitation, but she also has the tendency to sometimes "bend the rules" slightly by doing something different at the same time. She can also be pretty sarcastic towards him, but despite this, they love each other. It is ambiguous if whether or not Obake supports Trina's crush on Varian.
  • Varian: Obake respects Varian and claims to see potential in the young alchemist. He, both with professor Venomous, are the scientists with whom Varian has the most interactions and he often seeks their help.
  • Toffee: Obake and Venomous can be seen accompanying Toffee. The two respect their majordomo and he treats them with similar respect.


  • His nickname Obake is the Japanese word for ghost.