Old school musical is an episode.

plot Edit

After the foundation of the new planetarium in El Filmjefo, dr. Possible has asked his daughter Kim to accompany him at work. He introduces her to Reggie, a new employee and offers her to befriend the werewolf. Kim has doubt, thinking that she and Reggie do not have much in common, due to being created in different time periods. The peace is interrupted once pirates intrude and threaten to steal the Star of El Filmjefo, which is hidden in the planetarium and guarded by a Cresselia. Reggie is kidnapped by one of the pirates, captain Flint, and Kim must save him.

After Kim saves Reggie, she reveals to him her doubts and this upsets him. He is angered by the fact that modern cartoon characters underestimate the older ones. When Kim realizes what she has done, she apologizes, and eventually finds out how much Reggie enjoys working for her father, which makes her reconsider her opinion.

characters in the episode Edit

- Kim Possible

- Reggie Moonshroud

- Dr. James Possible

- Cresselia

- captain Flint

- Flint's crew

- Gutt

- Silas

- Raz

- Gupta

- Squint

- Bloth

- Don Karnage and the Air Pirates

- captain Hook

- Sharpedo

- Callie Briggs

- Agent Xero

- Elisa Maza

- Kitty Katswell

- Lana Kane

songs Edit

- Let's get it started

- Drunken sailor

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film High school musical.

- It is the first episode that takes in El Filmjefo exclusively, without characters from other towns (besides Antagonistan) being featured.

- The episode is the first time when cartoon characters' ages is being discussed as a major plot point.

- Running gag in the episode: Captain Flint gets upset whenever a character refers to him by nicknames, such as "Nate", Nathan" or Flinty".

- Bloth is once referred to as "Bloth the Ox" to which he angrily responds with "It's just Bloth!". This is a reference to a running gag in the film Men in black 3, wherein the main antagonist Boris is nicknamed "Boris the Animal", and when a character calls him such, he always responds with "It's just Boris!".

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