Olivier Mira Armstrong is a secondary character. She is voiced by Stephanie Young.

Olivier Mira Armstrong

She usually appears as a supporting character, usually right next to Levi, Ronin and Nyx.

about Edit

characteristics: blue eyes, blonde hair, curvy, beautiful, cold, serious, merciless, fearless, stoic, short-tempered, aggressive, tough, loyal

real age: 9 real years

species: human

nationality: Japanese

religion: none/atheist

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood

military rank: sergeant

influence on other toons: She is one of the most well known soldiers in Filmville and for a very good reason. She is quite respected by her colleagues and very feared by not only her enemies, but also her allies.


  • She shares her English actress with Arachne.
  • Her original actress is Yoko Soumi.
  • She shares her original actress with Zorin.
  • She is considered to be one of the best soldiers in the Cartoon kingdom and shares the position with Levi.
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