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Paula Mezga is a secondary character. In the show she is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Paula Mezga.jpg


characteristics: plump, brown hair, black eyes, beautiful, loud, short-tempered, demanding, impulsive, headstrong

Real age: 49 real years

Species: Human

Nationality: Hungarian

Religion: Christian

Comes from: The Mezga family

Relations: Geza (husband), Kriszta and Aladar (children), Bloki and Maffia (pets),

Race: Traditionally-animated

Profession: Employee in the spa

Subrace: positive character


  • Geza: She does not have a very stable relationship with Geza, since she always tells him what to do and shows him no respect or appreciation. Despite all the snarks, she does admit that her life with him is actually exciting.
  • her children: Despite that her children do not listen to her much, she still loves them. She is trying to do everything to show them support or to help them in any way she can.