Pretty killer is an episode of the show. It focuses mainly on Lucy and her backstory.

plot Edit


There is a ruthless villainess terrorizing the humans in Movietown, named Lucy. Both the police and the army are trying to stop her, but she is too powerful.

Later it is revealed, through a flashback that due to being a diclonius, Lucy has been chased before. She was spotted at a celebrational ceremony in Filmville and then the army started chasing her, afraid that she will hurt hundreds of innocent toons. Lucy manages to escape and then she was found by the Horned king himself who offered her to come to live in Antagonistan where she can be herself without being scared and she accepts.

characters Edit

- Lucy

- the Horned king

- king Fergus

- queen Elinor

- Shining armor

- Nyx

- Ronin

- Bunnymund

- Nick

- Judy

- Earl

- Marge

- Tigress

- Eren

- Crane

quotes Edit

- (the Horned king and Lucy)

  • (the Horned king to Lucy) "Do not be afraid, my dear! I know what you feel and what you desire the most. Come with me and I will give you what every antagonist desires the most- freedom."
  • (Lucy responds to the king) "Who are you? What are you?"
  • (the Horned king's reponse) "I am like you- an outcast."

- (Bunnymund to Lucy)

  • Bunnymund:" So you live in the antagonistic kingdom, eh mate?";
  • Lucy: "Antagonists accept me for who I am.";
  • Bunnymund:"But of course they do. They are ruthless, sadistic, power-hungry and bloodthirsty black sheep, like you."
  • Lucy: I have greeted you the same way you have greeted me.

- (queen Tara talking about faling at helping Lucy):

  • queen Tara:"Am I really supposed to be a ruler, when I failed at helping a cartoon character who actually needed me?";
  • Bunnymund: "Your Majesty, there will always be cartoons that doubt you and there will always be times when you fail, but what you can do is to be here for those who still need you."

songs Edit

- Runaway baby

- Hello

- Alive

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film Pretty woman.

- The scene where Lucy and the Horned king meet for the first time is a reference to a scene from the film The tale of Despereaux.

- In the episode is revealed that despite not being able to see them, Bunnymund can sense the presence of Lucy's vectors, thanks to his hearing and sensitive whiskers.

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