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Scorpia is a reoccurring character in She-Ra. She is a princess and a former anti-villian, currently hero. She is voiced by Lauren Ash.


Characteristics: White hair, undercut on both sides, pale skin, Asian, possibly half albino, narrow eyes, black/dark brown eyes, very tall, muscular, large breasts, toned legs, beautiful, black lipstick on top lip only, wears eyeliner, pretty smile, crab like claws instead of hands, tail, armor on arms.

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, sweet, very kind, strong, independent, dorky, awkward, clumsy, insecure, tough, brave, lonely, talkative, loud, socially inappropriate, loving, affectionate, cuddly, smart sometimes, ditsy and daydreamer

animated age: 18-19 in season one, 21-22 in finale

created in: 2018

Species: Human-Scorpion Hybrid (AKA Scorpioni)

Powers: Lightnight Powers, superhuman strength, tail poison

Sexuality: Lesbian

nationality: Etherian

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character (formerly neutral evil)

occupation: Princess, Horde Force Captain/Soldier

comes from: She-Ra and the Princesses of power

family: Perfuma (girlfriend, future wife), Frosta (Symbolic little sister/adoptive child), Flora (Future Daughter), has two unnamed mothers, Catra (best friend, ex-crush)


  • Scorpia's tail poison cannot kill, just paralyze temporarily.
  • Scorpia is equally as strong as She-Ra, and only slightly shorter than She-Ra.
  • According to Noelle Stevenson, if she had a favorite band it would be Fleetwood Mac
  • She sings in the shower
  • She has a scorpion plush named Patches.
  • Scorpia used to be afraid of lightning.
  • Scorpia is the tallest character besides She-Ra.
  • Has a frenemy relationship with Adora.
  • Has a delicious secret family tea recipe.