Prozzak is a pop group in Movietown. Simon is voiced by Jay Levine and Milo is voiced by James Bryan McCollum.


Members Edit

- Simon (vocal and guitar)

- Milo (guitar)

About the characters Edit

Characteristics: Simon- short, slender, lavender necktie, blue shoes, purple jeans, blue eyes, blue hair, no neck, pink shirt, handsome, cute, friendly, unconfident, selfless, good-natured, kind; Milo- tall, slender, muscular, blonde hair, orange T-shirt, green jeans, blue shoes, handsome, kind, friendly, brave, loyal, selfless, supportive, helpful

Real ages: 20 real years old

Nationality: Canadians

Religion: Christians

Species: Humans

Professions: Musicians

Fun facts:

Race: Traditionally-animated

Known songs Edit

- www.nevergetoveryou

- Sucks to be you

- Strange disease

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