Reggie Moonshroud is a minor character. He is voiced by Barry Gordon.

Reggie Moonshroud

A new employee in El Filmjefo's planetarium, who is dedicated to his job. He appears as a major character in Old school musical.

about Edit

Characteristics: tall, slender, ginger hair, black eyes, brown fur, cute, intelligent, kind, friendly, polite, well-mannered, diplomatic, loyal, thoughtful

created in: 1990

animated age: teenager

species: werewolf

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: Gravedale high

nationality: American

religion: Christian

occupation: employee in the planetarium


  • dr. Possible: Dr. Possible is Reggie's boss and the two have a very friendly relationship with each other. The werewolf teenager treats his boss with respect and is very willing to impress him. The mutual respect between the two was demonstrated when dr. Possible defended him in front of his daughter, when she expressed her worry about them becoming friends, due to the age difference.
  • Kim: As the daughter of his boss, Reggie is very respectful towards Kim and welcomed her politely when he was introduced to her. After their first interactions with each other, unlike Kim, the werewolf does not show any concerns about their age difference. However, after he was kidnapped and saved by Kim, she reveals to him her doubts, unintentionally upsetting Reggie. The recently angered teenager wonders why modern cartoons make rushed conclusions about older ones. Feeling guilty for what she said, Kim apologizes to him. After this moment, she finds out how much his job means to him and how much he enjoys working for her father, which make her reconsider her opinion.
  • Cresselia: Cresselia is the mascot of the planetarium and the guardian of the Star of El Filmjefo. Reggie is very fond of her, as he treats her like a pet. The feeling appears to be mutual, as the Pokémon also enjoys his company.
  • captain Flint: Despite being kidnapped and threatened by him, Reggie tried to remain calm, avoiding to reveal information about access to the Star of El Filmjefo.
  • Callie Briggs: He has a brief interaction with her, though from what it was shown, Reggie treats the majordomo with the same sincere respect.


  • He is very formal in the way he refers to others, including negative characters. This is demonstrated during his interactions with Callie, as he was almost exclusively calling her "Ms. Briggs, ma'am".
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