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Renato Manchas is a recurring character. He is voiced by Jesse Corti.


He is a taxi driver in Filmville, whose roles mainly involve his crush on Cass.

About the character[]

Characteristics: tall, slender, green eyes, black fur, black uniform, handsome, friendly, unconfident, paranoid, kind

created in: 2016

Species: Jaguar (melanistic)

Profession: Taxi driver

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Comes from: Zootopia

Race: Computer-animated


  • Cass: He has a crush on her, ever since the two first met in the episode The jaguar's new crush. Since then he has been trying to do anything to impress her, even asking Tadashi or the Toon patrol for advice. In the episode Specialist in everything heartbreaking, Manchas was heartbroken after finding out that Cass is dating Death.
  • the Toon patrol: Despite that he is not very close to them, they are among the first cartoons he seeks help from, when it comes to his crush on Cass. He trusts them and accepts their advice.
  • Tadashi: Tadashi is another one of the cartoons, Manchas seeks support from. He strongly relies on Tadashi, since he is the nephew of his crush and he knows her well.
  • Paul: He is very obedient of his boss and never shows disrespect towards him, even though in the episode The jaguar's new crush, Manchas unintentionally provoked Paul when he failed to do his work, out of distraction.
  • Bonejangles: He has a short interaction with Bonejangles in Specialist in everything heartbreaking. When Manchas was heartbroken, because of Cass's new relationship, Bonejangles tried to comfort tha jaguar by singing a cover of I will survive. Manchas smiles at the effort, showing that he appreciates it.


  • "Manchas" means "spots" in Spanish.