Revy Lee is a secondary character. She is voiced by Maryke Hendrikse.

Revy Lee.png

about[edit | edit source]

Characteristics: slender, purple hair, brown eyes, curvy, beautiful, loud, vulgar, rude, loyal, bloodthirsty, sadistic, short-tempered, brutal, cynical, prone to violence

animated age: 26 toon years

created in: 2006

Species: human

nationality: Japanese

religion: none/atheist

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character/anti-hero

comes from: the Black lagoon franchise

occupation: soldier

full name: Rebecca Lee


  • She shares her original actress Megumi Toyoguchi with Miranda.
  • She shares her English actress with Melody, Gilda, Lil' Arturo and Sonata.
  • She has been in jail once, but then released in one condition- to join the royal army.
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