Rina Toin is a secondary character. She is voiced by Michelle Ruff.

Rina Toin

Rina in her human form

Most of the time she appears as a minor character, usually accopmanied by Lucia and Hanon, but she does play more major roles in some episodes too.

about Edit

characteristics: tall, slender, green hair, green eyes, curvy, beautiful, calm, collected, stubborn, introverted, a "married to the job" type of person, responsible, serious, loyal, a bit of a "lone wolf"

animated age: 14 toon years

real age: 14 real years

species: mermaid

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: the Mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch franchise

profession: singer, member of Mermaid melody


  • Her original actress is Mayumi Asano.
  • Green is her favourite color and lilies are her favourite flowers.
  • Due to being an introvert she gets along much better with animals, namely dogs.
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