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The show has many couples who are either married, still engaged or only dating. This page contains official couples, one-sided couples (couples in which only one of the two is in love with the other) and possible future couples (who may become couples in the future).

One-sided romantic couples[]

- Ronin and queen Tara

- Light Yagami and Misa Amane

- Renato Manchas and Cass Hamada

- Pikachu and Buneary

- Batman and Barbara

- Buster and Judy

- Smarty and Tatyana

- Croc and Lucy Tucci

- Spike and Rarity

- Kid and the girls who have a crush on him-Tina and Krizsta

- Greasy and every woman he sees

- Hunter and queen Tara

- Haruka and Mikoto

- Rei and Mikoto

- Eren and Mikasa

- Stanley and Kyoya

Official couples[]

- Humphrey and Kate

- Kyle and Rogelio

- Lance and George

- Catra and Adora

- Blu and Jewel

- Red and Silver

- Diego and Shira

- Puss and Kitty

- Otis and Daisy

- Romeo and Laila

- Justin and Talia

- Manolo and Maria

- Reggie and Jenny

- El Chupacabra and Rochelle

- Felix and Calhoun

- Kowalski and Eva

- Mighty Eagle and Zeta

- Zoc and Hova

- Gary and Kira Supernova

- Fry and Leela

- Scorch and Gabby

- Shrek and Fiona

- Wayne and Wanda

- Alex and Gia

- Flik and Atta

- mr. and mrs. Fox

- Paul and Patty Peterson

- mr. and mrs. Potato head

- Rodney and Cappy

- Donkey and Dragon

- Hiccup and Astrid

- Rango and Beans

- Roger and Jessica Rabbit

- Woody and Bo Peep

- Mumble and Gloria

- Cody and Lani

- Melman and Gloria

- mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

- Mike and Celia

- Pat and Sara Clifton

- Manny and Ellie

- Guy and Eep

- Kermit and miss Piggy

- Grug and Ugga Crood

- Emmet and Wyldstyle

- Aladar and Neera

- king Fergus and queen Elinor

- Shining armor and Cadance

- Flint and Sam

- Kristoff and Anna

- Garth and Lilly

- Winston and Eve

- mr. and mrs. Cake

- Herb and Lydia Copperbottom

- Chet and Burn

- Jonathan and Mavis

- Herb and Scarlet Overkill

- Manny and Gypsy

- Gru and Lucy

- Bob and Linda Belcher

- Stoick the Vast and Valka

- Spyro and Cynder

- Fox and Krystal

- Stu and Bonnie Hopps

- Sid and Brooke

- Danny and Sawyer

- Granny and Teddy

- Julian and Peaches

- Homer and Marge Simpson

- Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

- Fender and Loretta

- Ken and Barbie

- Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile

- Clawd Wolf and Draculaura

- Timber Spruce and Sci-Twi

- Gil Webber and Lagoona Blue

- Branch and Poppy

- Milo Thatch and Kida Nedakh

- Kamina and Yoko

- the Beast and Belle

- Norman and Rosita

- dr. Delbert Doppler and Amelia

- Ryuuji and Taiga

- Abe and Cleopatra

- Naveen and Tiana

- Ciel and Elizabeth

- Freakazoid and Steff

- Jonesy and Nikki

- Tulio and Chel

- Tamaki and Haruhi

- Megamind and Roxanne

- Thomas and Duchess

- Newton and Kimmy

- Kyon and Mikuru

- Kyo and Tohru

- Edward and Winry

- Bob and Pickles

- Felony Carl and Globby

- Fry and Hamburg

- Roy and Riza

- Darryl and Wanda

- Heppokomaru and Beauty

- Carl and Melinda

- Saito and Louise

- Kuzco and Malina

- Kaito and Lucia

- the Wolfman and Hana

- Hector and Imelda Rivera

- Usagi and Misaki

- Charlie and Jenny

- Harold and Perdita Shrinks

- Yoh and Anna

- Moses and Tzipporah

- mr. and mrs.Turtle

- The Iron giant and Blue diamond

- Gimpy and Rose

- Amane and Hikari

- Speckle and Bertie

- Toothless and the Light fury

- Nagisa and Shizuma

- Tarzan and Jane

- Guy-Am-I and Michellee

- Hagi and Saya

- Mack and Beefhouse

- Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland

- Ty Sabrewing and Indy Sabrewing

- Bow and Glimmer

- Owen and Paige Tillerman

- Shirou and Saber

- Josh and Emily

- Conor and Bronagh

- Kid and Crona

- Lio and Song Oak

- Luz Noceda and Amity Blight

- Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie

- Charlie and Vaggie

- Jack Skellington and Sally

- Spots and Peppermint

- Sig and Izumi Curtis

- Nurullah and Fattema

- Atari and Tracy

- Moxxie and Millie

- Merlin and Snow White

- Gennosuke Kouga and Oboro Iga

- Scorpia and Perfuma

Villain couples:

- Thailog and Delilah

- the Monarch and dr. Girlfriend

- the Joker and Harley Quinn

- Scar and Zira

- Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous

- Hypno-Potamus and Warren Stone

Possible future and unofficial couples[]

- Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle

- Surly and Andie

- Sherman and Penny

- Dennis and Winnie

- Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps

- Renato and Cass

- Buzz and Jessie

- Varian and Trina

couples who are no longer together[]

- Ginormica/ Susan Murphy and Derek Dietl

- Isshin Matoi and Ragyo Kiryuin

- Goliath and Demona

- Alex Dorpenberger and Bridgette

- Gimpy Taylor and She-Prime

- Death and Cass Hamada


Grizzly Shawn and Barry

Lio and Song Oak

Kowalski and Eva

Manolo and Maria

Kaito and Lucia

Owen and Paige

Scorpia and Perfuma

Gennosuke and Oboro

Merlin and Snow White

Tracy and Atari

Nurullah and Fattema

Moxxie and Millie

Spots and Peppermint

Jack and Sally

Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie

Charlie and Vaggie

Luz and Amity

Mack and Beefhouse

Hagi and Saya

Guy and Michellee

Boxman and Venomous

Amane and Hikari

Toothless and the Light fury

Yoh x Anna

Josh and Emily

Conor and Bronagh

Shizuma and Nagisa

Speckle and Bertie

Moses and Tzipporah

Kyle and Rogelio

Otis and Daisy

Hector and Imelda Rivera

the Wolfman and Hana

Catra and Adora

Shirou and Saber

Felony Carl and Globby

Fry and Hamburg

Tarzan and Jane

Akihiko and Misaki

Sig and Izumi Curtis

Pat and Sara Clifton

Surly and Andie

Puss and Kitty

Manny and Gypsy

Melman and Gloria

El Chupacabra and Rochelle

Kermit and miss Piggy

Mumble and Gloria

Rango and Beans

Bow and Glimmer

Harold and Perdita Shrinks

Kuzco and Malina

Saito and Louise

Deuce and Cleo

Heppokomaru and Beauty

Roy and Riza

Edward and Winry

Kid and Crona

Darryl and Wanda

Carl and Melinda

Bob and Pickles

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Kyo and Tohru

Newton and Kimmy

Clawd and Draculaura

Kyon and Mikuru

Rodney and Cappy

Spike and Rarity

Thomas and Duchess

Megamind and Roxanne

Tamaki and Haruhi

Tulio and Chel

Freakazoid and Steff

Jonesy and Nikki

Teddy and Granny

Ciel and Elizabeth

the Beast and Belle

Ryuuji and Taiga

Naveen and Tiana

Timber Spruce and Sci-Twi

Abe and Cleopatra

dr. Delbert Doppler and Amelia

Norman and Rosita

Milo and Kida

Kamina and Yoko

Pikachu and Buneary

Branch and Poppy

Gil and Lagoona

Ken and Barbie

Fender and Loretta

Reggie and Jenny

Romeo and Laila

Sid and Brooke

Scorch and Gabby

Homer and Marge Simpson

Danny and Sawyer

Julian and Peaches

Shrek and Fiona

mr. and mrs. Potato head

mr. and mrs. Cake

Zoc and Hova

Chet and Burn

Guy and Eep

Felix and Calhoun

Kristoff and Anna

mr. and mrs. Fox

Hiccup and Astrid

Gru and Lucy

Flik and Atta

Aladar and Neera

Light and Misa

mr. and mrs.Turtle

Fry and Leela

Jonathan and Mavis

Diego and Shira

Winston and Eve

Shining armor and Cadance

Garth and Lilly

Wayne and Wanda

Paul and Patty Peterson

Grug and Ugga Crood

Mike and Celia

Emmet and Wyldstyle

Cody and Lani

Woody and Bo Peep

Herb and Scarlet Overkill

the Joker and Harley Quinn

Stu and Bonnie Hopps

Sam and Flint

king Fergus and queen Elinor

Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle

Manny and Ellie

Herb and Lydia Copperbottom

Buzz and Jessie

Spyro and Cynder

Gary and Kira Supernova

mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

Bob and Linda Belcher

the Monarch and dr. Girlfriend

Thailog and Delilah

Donkey and Dragon

Stoick the Vast and Valka

Ronin and queen Tara

Blu and Jewel

Alex and Gia

Humphrey and Kate

Roger and Jessica Rabbit

Sherman and Penny

Fox and Krystal

Dennis and Winnie

Charlie and Jenny

Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland

Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland

Hypno-Potamus and Warren Stone

Ty Sabrewing and Indy Sabrewing