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Satsuki Kiryuin is a secondary chartacter. She is voiced by Carrie Keranen.

Satsuki Kiryuin.jpg

About the character[]

Characteristics: tall, slender, curvy, black hair, blue eyes, white outfit, beautiful, intelligent, serious, patient, honorable, proud, confident, strict

Animated age: 18 toon years

Real age: 5 real years

Species: Human

Profession: Prison warden

Family: Ragyo Kiryuin (mother), Ryuko Matoi (sister), Isshin Matoi (father)

Comes from: Kill la kill


  • Ryuko: Satsuki truly loves her sister and is shown to be very protective of her.
  • Ragyo: She and Ragyo hate each other, despite being mother and daughter. Ragyo always abuses her when she is around.
  • Isshin: Satsuki has a strong respect and admiration towards her father and never doubts his methods.

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Race: Traditionally-animated