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Shaula Gorgon is a major antagonist. She is voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell.

Shaula Gorgon - (10).png


characteristics: youthful, blue-red eyes, slender, blue-red hair, beautiful, evil, sadistic, bloodthirsty, merciless, ruthless, cold-hearted, creepy, intelligent, perverted

real age: 5 real years

relations: Medusa and Arachne (sisters); Crona (niece)

species: witch

profession: teacher

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

comes from: Soul eater NOT

theme song: Toxic



  • her family (Medusa, Arachne, Crona): She sees them as rivals, instead as a family. Shaula wants to prove that she is the most powerful among the Gorgon sisters and does not show any respect towards Arachne and Medusa. She also sees Crona as an easy target for abuse.
  • her pupils: She sees her pupils as a good chance to turn them into ruthless and sadistic villains. She teaches the children to be cold-hearted and selfish.
  • Black hat: Shaula and Black hat have a rivalry with each other. She always argues and disagrees with her colleague, because they both want to prove to the other who is the better teacher. The two constantly yell and insult each other and show no mutual respect. From time to time, their relationship resembles that of a divorced couple.