Skinner is a minor antagonist. He is voiced by Ian Holm and has a French accent.

His roles revolve mainly on being the Gangreen gang's verbally abusive boss.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: short, chubby, brown hair, green eyes, evil, short-tempered, rude, bossy, comedic, impatient, mean, unwelcoming, paranoid, insincere

Real age: 13 real years

species: human

occupation: chef

comes from: Ratatoille

race: computer-animated

subrace: negative character

nationality: American

religion: Christian


  • the Gangreen gang: As the Gangreen gang's boss, Skinner is perfectly fine with giving them orders. However, he has little patience and low expectations from them, with the only thing he wants from them is simply to do their work (which they do not always do). He frequently insults them, calling them names such as "idiots", "morons" or "imbeciles", while also yelling at them.
  • Toffee: Although he does not interact with Toffee much on-screen, when the majordomo is around, Skinner quickly changes his behavior from angry and loud to polite and posh, in other words, he ingratiates him. Unluckily for the chef, this never manages to impress Toffee, since he is aware of the way Skinner runs the restaurant, namely how he treats the employees.
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