Smarty is a recurring character. He is voiced by David Lander and has a Brooklyn accent.

Smarty 2

About the character Edit

Characteristics: slender, brown fur, black eyes, pink coat, white shirt, pink hat, pink necktie, white spats, black nose, handsome, serious, wisecracking, smart, tough, loyal, perfectionistic, vain

created in: 1988

Fun facts:

  • He very often speaks with malaprops. It is unknown why, but a theory states that it is because of his gangster-like image.
  • He dislikes being called "old".

Full name: Smart a..

Other names: Wise guy, Smart guy

Catchphrase: He says "What the...?", when he is confused or surprised.

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Profession: Police officer

Species: Weasel

Race: Tradtionally-animated

Subrace: Negative character

Comes from: Who framed Roger Rabbit


  • the Toon patrol: Most of the time he treats them as just his posse, but he is shown to deeply care for them. He considers them his best friends and is always ready to help them, though that does not mean that he would not hesitate to critisize or even hit them, when they annoy him (as shown in his interactions with Stupid).
  • the king and the queen: He shows much respect and loyalty towards them and he is very obedient.
  • Cass: She is the weasels' best friend and he is usually acting tolerantly around her, but he still cares for her.
  • Tadashi: Due to being Cass' nephew, Smarty treats the boy with tolerance and understanding.
  • Renato Manchas: Despite that the two are not very close, Smarty is surprisingly supportive of him when it comes to his crush on Cass. Manchas often seeks tips from Smarty and the rest of the weasels to impress her.
  • Duke Weaselton: They meet each other in The unicorn horn and both sides immediately express their mutual disdain. Smarty dislikes Duke for being another villainous weasel and Duke dislikes Smarty (and the other members of the patrol) for betraying antagonists. However, Duke manages to cause hesitation within Smarty's mind, after asking the latter if his is happy with his current life in Filmville.
  • Sir Pentious: Sir Pentious has been defeated multiple times by the Toon patrol, and as a result, they do not treat him as a serious threat.
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