Snake is a secondary antagonist. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


He is a member of the infamous Gangreen gang, whose roles mainly involve bullying Varian. However, in Jab they met, Snake shows a different side to his character.

about Edit

characteristics: slender, green skin, pink eyes, long nose, black hair, black lips, handsome, mean, rude, foolish, insecure, snake-like mannerisms

animated age: teenager

created in: 1998

species: unspecified, but presumed to be human

come from: The Powerpuff girls

nationality: American

religion: Satanist

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

occupation: janitor in the restaurant

real name: Sanford D. Ingleberry


  • Varian: Snake and the other members of the Gangreen gang have been bullying Varian, ever since he arrived in Antagonistan for the first time. Unlike Crona, Varian did not have anyone to defend him from them, so they did not worry about that. Their methods included insulting or mocking him, stealing his stuff and even, although rarely, physical violence. Due to his loyalty to the gang, Snake did not see anything wrong with what they were doing to the alchemist, until the green bully himself was humiliated. Varian was the only one who showed sympathy for Snake, which became the reason for the latter to reconsider the way he treats the young scientist.
  • with the other members of the Gangreen gang: Although Snake is loyal to the gang and considers them his best friends, he still has moments when he feels that this is not enough, namely with his relationship with the gang's leader Ace. Ace has the habit of hitting Snake, every time when the latter says something stupid or inappropriate. He, also, does not get much support from the other members, since they do not seem to mind seeing him being mistreated in any way.
  • Crona and Trina: As revealed in the episode Laboratory space, Snake and his friends used to bully Crona, before Varian moved in Antagonistan, but since they were afraid of Ragnarok, the harassment was only verbal. The Gangreens did not bully Trina very harshly, but they still mocked her from time to time. Snake's relationship with the two girls slightly changed in Jab they met, when he tried to make a truce with Varian. Crona wanted to give Snake a chance, while Trina did not trust him.


  • Along with the other members of the Gangreen gang, he makes his debut in the show in the episode Laboratory space.
  • Snake has a major role in the episode Jab they met, making him the only member of the Gangreen gang to have an episode focusing on him.
  • He shares his actor with Lil' Arturo and Scaramouche.
  • His real name is a play on the word "dingleberry".
  • Snakes and snake-themed Pokemon are his favorite animals, as he treats them with a lot of sympathy and admiration.
  • He is the most flexible member of the Gangreen gang, as he sometimes sleeps with his body wrapped up, like an actual snake. However, his most preferred sleep position is sleeping on his stomach.
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