Something...something between us is an episode.

plot Edit

Moses and Tzipporah have long been seen as role models, when it comes to marriage, to their fellow citizens. However, they happen to come across problems, which they cannot solve by themselves, and this gets them into arguments. Miriam advices them to consult with Mack and Beefhouse.

Meanwhile, in Antagonistan, Hervnick Z. Snerz declares an award for the ones who bring him the Pokémon he requires. This gets the attention of a few poachers, who go to Movietown, where they will seek the Pokémon.

characters in the episode Edit

- Moses

- Tzipporah

- Miriam

- Merriep

- Kentauros

- Hervnick Z. Snerz

- Grimmel the Grisly

- Grimmel's Deathgrippers

- Drago Bludvist

- Gaston

- Clayton

- Yamato and Kosaburou

- Yamato's pokemon

- Kosaburo's Pokemon

- Mack and Beefhouse

- Katie Killjoy

- Captain Nathaniel Flint (mentioned)

- Flint's crew (mentioned)

- Bloth (mentioned)

- Gutt (mentioned)

- Raz (mentioned)

- Gupta (mentioned)

- Squint (mentioned)

- Silas (mentioned)

- Momoko

- Miyako

- Kaoru

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film Something..something happens (English title of Kuch kuch hota hai).

- The episode makes references to the events in Old school musical.

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