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Stacie Roberts is a secondary character. She is voiced by Claire Corlett.

Stacie Roberts.png


characteristics: slender, blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful, kind, friendly, polite, athletic, adventurous, snarky, competitive

animated age: 11 toon years

real age: 7 real years

species: human

family: Skipper and Chelsea (sisters); Taffy, Honey, DJ and Rookie Roberts (pets); Millicent (aunt)

race: computer-animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: American

religion: Christian

comes from: the Barbie movies


  • her family: She has different interests, compared to those of her sisters, but she does care about them strongly and appreciates the time she spends with them. She is very loving towards their dogs, especially Rookie, since the two share the same advanturous spirit and love for sport. She aslo has a loving relationship with her aunt Millicent.


  • She shares her actress with Sweetie Belle.
  • She is the middle one of the Roberts sisters.
  • Most of her roles are minor, but she is a major character in the episode Work hard, girl.